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Embracing Authenticity: A Journey to Self-Acceptance

What on earth is self-acceptance?

What even is a self???

The idea that there is a part of me, or maybe parts of me that all work together, hopefully, in unison leads to me having a whole experience. Does the person I see myself as even exist?

The short answer is no. The perception I have toward myself is just that and partially based on information that is attached to it, all of which stems from a divide in perception that is created at a young age.

Somehow with all that, there is still a need to accept oneself and learn how to live wholly with that person, all the nitty gritty parts.

Learning to slowly see them as a symphony of parts and pieces that interconnect and relate together to make a me, whatever on earth that is.

Accepting that is then the point where the pain is seen, acknowledged, allowed, and felt. For the simple catharsis of letting it be. In that time and space pieces are unfolded, allowed to be, and to be seen.

Acceptance of our journey

I feel like the journey is, in itself, realizing the journey we are forever moving through. This moment is unique and a complete creation, but somehow also inexplicably connected to every other moment that has and will ever be. Somehow there is a common thread that ties them all together, the agreed-upon reality, the shared essence. The is-ness.

As it is and continues to grow, unfold, and become, so do we. Here I wonder if we are just wandering on an unfolding pattern of life, that we slowly become and grow into, that we are somehow only just beginning to see the completeness of. Are we able to fathom that completeness?

I feel like it is akin to pondering infinity, we can work to do so and likely make beautiful strivings, which are just an inkling of the grand majesty that is life.

Accepting Ourselves: A Reflection on the Journey

I feel each person's journey with acceptance is simultaneously unique and inexplicably linked together, that we are walking the same way, but each in our own lane. The beauty is in the shared elements of life, of walking and working together, that we are bolstered to move forward and find ways that better serve our end goals. That we are alone and also together.

Acceptance is the idea that something is consented to receive or undertake something offered. I love the idea of being offered there, that we are consistently being offered things, acceptance is the receiving.

Lots of spurs and spirals in this piece, is everything offered welcomed? What denotes something along the journey?

Is everything I have experienced inexplicably a part of my unfolding reality and the parts of myself will ultimately continue to spur and spark off of my internal reality?

That is a lot, and truthfully I don’t know if I can accept it. Right now.

At this moment, things can be a lot and I don’t know what the most important thing to focus on is. Oh yes, breathe. Remember to breathe, to extend the exhale, to feel my feet and be where they are. Sometimes it is so simple, others it feels like a neverending cacophony of sound and disaster as if all the threads of the tapestry are tangled and parts are being ripped, removed, and altered. In the calm space of now, I know that it is all unfolding perfectly and that there is a certain simplicity in remembering to observe the observer. What are they noticing? How does it make them feel?

Let us watch that.

These parts all seem to be intertwined, with what seems to be all the other parts, like we are truly all one tapestry. How much can I change the weave then, if others are also weaving?

I guess to the degree to which it allows them their free will and aligns with each individual's opportunity to be more, to love more, to grow more, and to accept more of themselves in others.

After all, I only see in others what is present in myself. So then how can I maximize my potential output, capacity, and reality?

A nice little aside here, remember to think of this as energy moving through a resistor, the more you can ease the resistance the more cooly the system can operate and the further from overheating it rests.

Acknowledging imperfections as part of growth

Imperfections, inexplicable, and arguably highly important parts of the journey. I find myself wanting to erase those parts. To take some whiteout to the whole experience and be left with a beautifully clean slate, the opportunity to be perfect. It honestly sounds rather drab.

However, it does seem to be that, as a result of being social beings, we wish to hold a higher standing in life, that I live in a way that I can be seen as perfect. Maybe then I will be happy, fulfilled, content, and able to live a happy and healthy life.

Maybe then I will reach the level of standing internally so that I can feel comfortable being around other individuals.

I think this really touches on the point, that I want acceptance from others, so maybe some external standing or measure can give me that, as opposed to the deep journey that I am the one that cultivates that and learns how to compose myself, again internally that this is a natural response of and to life. Wow, a mouthful.

Embracing the uniqueness of one's journey

Each person's journey is their own, they are the one that is here to live it, I can go into how it is a fractal of source consciousness experiencing its piece of the collective, and each step toward love you make, allows for greater levels of love within all, playing the heartstrings of light warrior, worker and expander of truth alike.

I agree with it, but either way, you are here to feel those things for yourself, as you are, right now. That is what seems to, in some way, be the cut-and-dry of it.

So take a moment to feel, to drink tea instead, to let yourself recognize some thread moving in the astral and learn to process it that little bit more. This is a form of service and while it may be helpful for others, it is supremely helpful for you. In a neverending cycle, allowing yourself to feel the moment as it happens is perhaps the most important thing that you can do. The uniqueness of each person arises again when I look at the ways in which we choose to move forward and dive more wholly into this unfolding life that is always occurring. Each person will have unique ways to process and intermediate the experience of life, some of which will be more aligned and some of which will be less.

Rewards of self-acceptance

In my journey throughout this topic and experience, I have gone through everything from debaucherous levels of expression and hedonism to meditating like a monk as well as finding some new-age methods of allowing myself to create a healthy expression of the source energy funneling through me. I find that they all work, and unfortunately(Or fortunately), no one way is better than another, one might work at a greater level, or more efficiently, however, that doesn’t make it better. Each person's journey is their own and they get to go on that path, the truth within is that we always have the perfect amount of time to walk the path, we are the ones creating it after all. So whether it be Kriya yoga or Kinky experiences, both share more than just the K in their name, they are both parts of learning how to move forward. I believe that the energetics in both can be learned and used together allowing us to create a more connected experience, however, that is a completely different topic (in a way), but the last for now is to say that, we have had many masters come and share ways with us that work, now I feel that we have all the access to information and learnings, complex as to allow us to see different patterns and be able to synthesize these in a way that we may find ways to better navigate and actualize in and through this experience. So let us be scientifically creative and joyfully co-create with our AI brethren the world dreamt of in our deepest dreams dreams.

The impact of societal expectations on self-perception

Societal expectations then begin to play a large level of effect in the ways that we are guided to most likely actualize through our journey. Naturally, we will see some ways and believe that they are better than others, arguably some have better pay-offs.

A question arises.

Says who?

Am I the one who believes this to be the case, is it old wisdom? If so, why does it say that, what is at the crux of what is being said? The very core of everything.

Now when I begin to ask myself these questions, many things arise, why do I think that? All the way to Is there something wrong with me for thinking that?

A spark is ignited and it remembers the word, neuropsychology. This idea is that we have neurological components, architecture in our brain that links together to create the experience that is the self.

An endless torrent of wonderings pops in. The wanderings we go on and into then must help create the internal geometry and makeup of the town that is us. How do we bring more organization into this?

Sacred Geometry? Medicine Work?

Naturally, expressions of our journey that we begin to see the frequency fractal nature of life, that we continue to dive into and learn through.

Is this the idea of the divine that so many speak about? That it lives in and through each of us, that we are but a spark of the light that is streaming into this space, and when we organize ourselves and our lives more intelligibly we begin to allow ourselves to see it all unfolding before our eyes.

Yes. Or at least for me, it seems to somewhat indicate a potential to be.

Mandalas, the ancient means of recording our reality pop into mind, but again, another post.

The Journey: Personal or Universal?

So much seems to be somewhat in the crux of whether this journey is a personal or collective experience. Like the ways in which we see the parts in a play, are we only acknowledging the part that we exist in? Or do we see, acknowledge, and share the experience that is happening in others? I think a way that may be a little easier to work with this is to use the language, happening through ourselves and others, that we are moving in a symphony. I feel like it is sometimes important to acknowledge some of the terror that is occurring in this world, the pain that is moving in and through us all. Yet, I live in a world where it is also easy to escape that hurt, to not look deeply into things and begin to see the cracks in the facade. I know I have done it. I also then realize that I want to know how I can better live. How can I begin to see the intelligence that moves me, through and as me, and allow that hand, while still recognizing the parts that I do have control over?

Where is the balance?

I think, funnily enough, that the balance is felt more than known. For me, it is anyway and the ability to sit and connect with that part inside of myself is the beginning of the way to unfold into more and more of myself. This is a path through which I actualize.

I also think that, for some reason, the saying, “Fuck around and find out” applies rather nicely. What works one day, may not work the next day, but as long as we are striving to bring more of the intelligent design of life into this now moment, then we are able to slowly, slowly, live in a more aligned manner. Now I want to speak on alignment, as it is the coherence between intention, thought, and action. If I speak about authenticity and playful expression, then it is important that I make that a part of my practice, and in doing so I can learn to live a more holistic and whole expression.

A note here is that I get a little bit scared or experience some trepidation. I feel like it may be linked to the mix of personal and shared experience, meaning I won’t be able to control the points where those two mix. That is the magic of life, and it is uncertain. Which is scary, exciting, and most importantly strengthening through the experience.

Reflect on how societal, cultural, and familial influences shape our paths

Our society, culture, and family play major parts in what exists in our personal unconscious versus what rests more in the collective unconscious, obviously, both are still connected and in play together, but there is a lesson in the whole experience that we are here to learn to move and accept ourselves through. We then individuate through each moment and experience as we change, and the basis of everything changes as well. We begin to begin anew to become all over again.

The Ouroboros eating its tail.

Naturally, the environment in each of these spheres plays a pivotal role in our experience and we are constantly moving and becoming as we learn to engage and process the moment of our lives. Whether this be wholly in the present now, or in the retrospective moment, which we are truthfully living in, due to lag.

This process is exciting and also rather harrowing, as these frequencies and parts of your symphony may be given and attributed to you, they may be shared with you, and they may even feel like imprisonings.

In truth, they just exist. We are the ones creating and subscribing into a relationship with them, and as such we are forever able to move and alter that relationship as we begin to look at different ways to exist, work together, and become.

In truth, I don’t, consciously, have the answer, I have many answers, however, I doubt they individually compose the inherent internal truth of our reality, perhaps collectively they hold some resonance within the many options.

We get to have this human experience. We are always allowed to follow our highest bliss.

This is a responsibility to ourselves.

When we follow our passions, we get to find and discover more of that which we are passionate about. All the discipline in the world is useless if funneled into something that isn’t aligned with the lightness of life. Our inner child knows.

We get to parent that little spark of life in every moment, in turn getting to drink from the deep well of wisdom that resides within us all.

What we aren’t changing we are choosing.

All of these are working together for us to allow our highest expression of self and love to dive forth and be known.

Seems to me a lot of catharsis is gained from simply listing all the answers, no reflection on them at this point in time, but even to just let them be blurted out, kept in some Google doc somewhere amidst the infiniteness of life. To allow expression to be, I guess is a great form of self-acceptance.

I learned a term recently that comes to mind, Mammaling, the idea of remembering and allowing your body to body, to let it simply do what it does, without excess judgment or concern, and in turn, allow yourself the opportunity to exist as a human being. In being we get to experience and learn with and through our experience.

Through observing the observer we begin to see, simply and effortlessly, ultimately allowing the truth to be seen.

The intersectionality of personal and shared experiences

A friend once told me, that we have control over ourselves, our awareness, and our cultivated level of internal cognition. There is the other half of that equation, the other, the great mystery, the deep feminine. That intersection is where most of life is lived, where we come to see and recognize the infinite potential as it funnels into our new experiences.

We are observers in the game of life that is unfolding right in front of our eyes, and we are along for the ride. So looking at those points of intersection is important as we begin to look at the tapestry being woven and through doing so, we begin to live as the questions. Forever in the unfolding moment that allows us to see the other half through the expression of the first. Again words like the divine allow me a certain balm here, for it is a part that invites me to dive into the world in a way that I get to see and become through the motion of living my life effortlessly and wholly. To lightly know I am a child of this universe and as such supported in each moment, learning how to work with that grace and surrounded by the armour and shield of life.

To look at the frequencies as a beneficial co-creator in this shaping of light that we move through, knowing I am always where I am meant to be and learning to move more in alignment.

All is as it should be, I am grateful for the opportunity to find and learn about this more and more.

To cultivate deep levels of self-awareness steadied in self-love.

Parts to Acknowledge for Self-Love

Self-awareness is a key element in this game of frequencies. To know what is coming up for you and what, in some way that means. To know that at some level there is a “contract” an agreement to learn an underlying energy dynamic for the lesson it imparts for you. This is unique in the ways that it allows you to become and learn to grow.

This touches on the idea of an Earth school, that we as souls choose to come here, to this place as a means of engaging in the process of learning how to navigate and become more adept at working with energy.

Energy is the potential we shape with, the way that we choose how we reply, react, or get up out of bed in the morning. The endless level of parts before that, going back before birth to who knows when. Or just to last night. Or to the last moment of awareness.

To begin again.

Thoughts have a habit of allowing us to get caught off and a way away from where we are right now.

When it comes to self-love I find it is important I recognize it is a striving, as something I completely feel and feel as self-love in this moment, may be a completely heinous element in the future, to a perspective point of self. I don’t really know if this is the healthiest perspective or perceptual piece of my makeup, but hating it hasn’t helped, so I am learning to love my demons. Curiously, as I wonder what type of tea they enjoy most, do they like it warm, with milk, or honey? Letting inquisitiveness overrule the fear. Learning to remember, remember, and remember. Where is god in what I am seeing now? As I learn to engage this preconception, that I am in this moment, learning to release and allow, that I am becoming through the process of existing.

The importance of understanding personal values and beliefs

An important part of this whole wholeness is to know what we are contributing to. What is it, that my energy is shaping, my living, my breathing, is contributing to in this now moment? Is it something I chose? Or was it carefully orchestrated by who knows how many other individuals, so that I have chosen to give parts of myself away or never even connect with them?

If so, can I choose to take all of those back? According to free will yes.

As simply as stating out loudly, I declare my sovereignty and choose to live in and through my highest expression, may I have the grace to see through the eyes of god, the wholeness in self to realize the beautiful play I get to be a part of, big and small, lovingly creating unity.

To align these words with what is resonant for you.

Honestly, I don’t mind what you say, whether you say it or not. For me I am grateful to remember that I am always choosing to build beneficially and that realizing I can do better is a great opportunity, may I always realize sooner than I could ever believe and with more than enough time to correct and provide an abundance of support and love, effortlessly. Choosing to serve as a catalyst in the process that we exist through, for us all to learn to exist in a higher octave, to begin to track back to octaves long forgotten.

Identifying and challenging negative self-talk

Now to a really fun part of this process. Negative self-talk, the voice in the back of the brain that says, you aren’t even beginning to scrape the surface of what is possible. That there are endless pitfalls and you are likely to fall into them. Why even bother trying?

The incredible and exciting thing I find is when I allow myself to hear them, I realize that the negative self-talk provides endless opportunities to look even higher.

If I am barely scraping the surface, then how much more capability is hiding in the midst of me?

Endless pitfalls provide endless opportunities to learn grow and become far more.

Why try, I guess the only option then is to do and skip trying.

They slowly teach me a whole way to look into and see my thoughts, as I learn to allow them and then get to see the process of life unfolding in and through me. It touches on the point that we have, until now, been living just short of our potential motion, that we collapse the wave of us, just before we really crest and crash down, allowing the ocean of ourselves to grow and become more and more and more.

This comes with a certain level of disbelief as we look into the parts of ourselves and allow ourselves to transform into complete forms of self.

I definitely think too much. Living in a left-brain dominant society it is easy to do. Feeling like finding the ways to navigate the releases that we come to is the manner through which we then begin to remember and embrace our infinite potential again. The concern that arises is again in realizing that I do not actually know what that fuller self looks like, and in the journey of discovering them, it takes releasing many to most of the ideas I have about myself, so I can and do align more to the more whole version of self that is always moving in.

Celebrating both big and small victories

An achievement I am finding quite spectacular is to forget or drop some of the potential and capability of being a human being and in turn, learning to just be. To not create these endless checklists of ifs and whens and then I shall be happy. Instead, learn to be content where I am right now and let the journey unfold. Knowing that some days I will be able to get an almost endless amount of things done and some days will be potato days and even on those, I am learning and a part of this human school.

To compassionately allow myself, as I am, moment by moment.

Letting go of such intense perspectives of right and wrong begins allowing me to find more of a holistic view internally as I learn to lean into the space of internal surrender, that there will always be ups and downs and similar to economics, all we can do is train a high level of self-awareness and then trust myself to implement the right policies to continue to align internally.

Checking to make sure these continue to direct me toward my true north, the way that is aligned with me as a human being, and the goals I wish to create.

Embracing the learning opportunities in failures

Knowing that when I do fall, there is a reason and that is an opportunity to learn how to move more wholly and with compassion for my journey. Sometimes even feel like there is a learning of martial arts as I begin to find ways to get out of the way of the massive strikes that seem to want to rain down and completely obliterate the progress or benefit I have received and annihilate any good feelings that may be arising.

Fail - First attempt in Learning.

Fear - False experience appearing real.

These are important to look at and realize that we are always in the state of becoming and excessively hard edges undermine the process through which that happens.

Cultivate self-compassion

Compassion is the balm that allows us to be, as we are, for the sake of being. For the passionate experience that we are blessed with, knowing that our moment is unique and given to us for the delicate savoring that is present in the whole and we in turn are present in all moments through that connection.

To give ourselves the grace to know that we do not really know. Wonderful words resonate from a song, saying simply, “We don’t know enough to worry”, reminding us that we get to show ourselves compassion and in doing so we learn how to better move into a space of completely loving ourselves. This is a process and one which is to be savored.

Exploring mindfulness and self-compassion practices

Mindfulness is the idea of bringing more mindful attention to your experience and the different threads you are experiencing. To the parts and pieces that are continuing to live through you. Mixed with self-compassion is the idea of allowing yourself to drink from the deep well of love inside. Knowing that there are depths largely unknown to yourself and others.

This process is a lot. Simply. The lot is, largely tied into your internal neurology and how you have cultivated that process to be, there is no one size fits all and sometimes having greater realizations can come with a greater level of feeling like you need to be a certain way or act in a certain manner.

Vision and mission statements. I find that knowing these ideas, before even sitting to work them out, brings me peace, that I can look at what is moving through me and how I would like to have them move through me.

Said, I want to live my life authentically allowing myself to get to create and discover all my meanings of and for life, in a way that is loving and helps others effortlessly find, align, and remain centered in their path and truth. Letting this serve as a domino in the ripple of life and light entering this world so that I can be of service in the collective awakening of consciousness, to connect to the divine nature and expression of life.

Compassionate allowing and loving myself.

The role of forgiveness in self-love

So I let myself make mistakes, on mistakes with a good dashing of mistakes for the side. Knowing that this is a forever-happening experience and that can be a bit scary, but it is also somewhat freeing as I can then learn to center myself and learn how to compose myself to move forward once more. To forgive myself for also not knowing, or for knowing and forgetting, and for all the missteps I make along the way.

Practical Steps Toward Self-Acceptance

Accepting yourself. Feel what you wish to disown.

Say, “I give myself permission to feel this way.”

Notice the levels of discomfort that arise. Sit with them.

Let them convalesce, change, and continue to expand.

Journal Prompts:

Ask, “What would I be without them?”

“Would that still be me?”

“How am I able to show them love now?”

While journaling these out, let yourself observe the feelings and points of awareness that are consistently arising and moving in you.

Take note of any discomfort that presents itself and learn to let it go.

Take a moment to recognize where you are applying black-and-white thinking.

  • Black-and-white thinking is when something is either all of something or nothing and can be harmful to our psyches as we are constantly changing to the extremes of ourselves, where the healthy middle is the part that we are constantly switching between and in search of.


Your journey is your own, and it is a unique constellation of your birth to your passing, such that you may be able to find and exist in your place and time, which is now. Learn to see the divinity in that by diving into your life. Know that each of your moments of awareness is always a chance to return to a higher level of order and organization as everything moves through you for the sole purpose of awakening you to unconditional love.

At times this can be tough and really call on you to grow through what you are going through, but often times when we fail it is so that we can learn to move in ways that are more aligned and to serve us and our learnings.

When we learn to accept ourselves and create a space inside for this acceptance, we then begin to make marked progress forward and continue to expand. This can be enhanced by hearing about others' lives, atrocities, and blessings experienced and letting them serve as further ways to watch the observer.

Self-love is an ongoing process and the journey is yours, learn to listen to your heart and know that you are always exactly where you are meant to be.

I love you.

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