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Welcome to, a destination designed to help you step into the flow arts. All of life is in a flow, why would we be any different? As such a key passion of ours is the calming rhythm of flow, interwoven with the intricacies of dance. Our handcrafted flow toys are especially for the purpose of helping one achieve a flow state. This active meditation is a truly magical space and one that can only be experienced. Find your flow today.



Get to Know Us

The team is still growing and expects many amazing people to join the cause and continue to bring the magic in.

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Grant Luke Byron


Grant tried flow once, and very quickly made an orientation shift in life, to navigate toward that as much as possible.
Having worn many hats, and found many more all the more enjoyable he one day decided to trust the process and continue the journey.
He never looked back and is now thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to develop his passions in to full formed results.
Always learning and iterating through the process.

Smiling Man with Glasses

Jesse Neimus


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